6 Essentials Things You Need To Pack For a Trip To The Beach

When you think of relaxing places, beaches are on top of most people’s list. Beaches are relaxing, cosy, breezy, and there is a sense of comfort listening to ocean waves crashing onto the shore. There are ample activities one could do on the beach. One could choose to soak in the sun, read a book and relax, or indulge in activities like beach volleyball, water sports or join a music group by the beach.

While going to the beach, you need to pack some essentials, even for a short trip. Packing for a day trip to the beach is entirely different from packing for a regular picnic in the park. So, here is a list of essentials to pack, from a sand-free towel to a water phone case; there are many items to pack.

Even if you do not have the items, you can always order stuff like swim short or sand free beach towels online ahead of your trip.


One should come back home with seashells rather than a sunburn. However, if you plan to spend extended hours in the sun, applying a good sunscreen suitable to your specific skin type is essential. In the long run, radiation from the sun may cause skin cancer, so wearing sunscreen is ideal for your skin and is the easiest way to protect your skin from radiation and prevent sunburn.

A Good Towel

A soft beach towel is one of the essential items you could carry to the beach. However, using regular towels on the beach is the biggest trouble. You try to pat yourself down but end up spreading the sand everywhere and carry it back home. So, a sand-free towel made from a microfibre cloth prevents the sand from sticking to moisture. It is a material that has high absorption because the fibres are fine and delicate. So, order sand-free beach towels online to repel sand and wick the moisture.

Waterproof Phone Case

There is nothing worse than taking selfies on the beach and the phone dropping in the ocean. Most devices in the market do not cover water damage. So, carry a waterproof phone case, in which you can put your phone in a safe seal to prevent the sand and water from seeping into your device. In addition, using a waterproof phone case makes it easier to capture memories.

Carry Swim Shorts

This item may not seem essential, but it is. Unlike regular shorts, swim shorts are made of quick-drying and are generally made from solid and smooth polyester or nylon material. While the materials are not exceptional, the properties of quick-drying prove beneficial at the beach. Moreover, swim shorts have a mesh lining trunk underneath that prevents sensitive areas from getting a rash because of the wet shorts.

Carry Drinking-Water

Carry loads of water to prevent dehydration as the sun, and the humidity is bound to make you precipitate and lose a lot of water. That will keep you away from the sugary drink counters and save you money.

Carry Beach Mats

You do not want to sit in the sand without any furniture or mat. While carrying a portable table is a good idea, carrying folding chairs for a short trip makes sense for a camping trip to the beach.

This list of items is not exclusive as it depends on the activities you are planning to do at the beach.

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