Am I an alcoholic? How to check?

Drinking alcohol in large amounts can lead to addiction. Alcoholism, because we are talking about it, is a serious disease from which it is very difficult to recover. In fact, even after the treatment, you are still a non-alcoholic alcoholic. Strange as it may seem, after rehab, even a single drink can cause the addiction to come back.

The initial stages of alcoholism can be difficult, especially when it comes to diagnosing the disease. Many people downplay the problem and convince themselves that they are oversensitive. Therefore, you should carefully analyze your own behavior as well as people with whom we have contact.

Alcoholism – Noticing the problem

If we sometimes think that we may have a problem with alcohol, it is good. This means that we still have control over ourselves, we can react in time. It may happen that thanks to this we avoid a serious problem. It is worth mentioning that an alcoholic is not only a person who falls into multi-day long races of alcohol. Drinking every day, even in small doses, is also the first phase of alcoholism.

Symptoms of alcoholism – test

In order to find out if we have a problem with alcohol, it is worth asking yourself four important questions:

  • Have I ever felt that I should limit my drinking?
  • Do I get annoyed by people who criticize my drinking?
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about drinking alcohol?
  • Have I ever had a need to drink alcohol in the morning to soothe my nervousness or get over a hangover?

If we have given at least two positive answers to the above questions, it may mean that we have a problem with alcohol. You should then go to a specialist to determine the scale of the problem.

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The hard way

It is not always the case that we ourselves see a certain change in our behavior. We may often overlook the problem. Relatives or friends draw our attention and in response they hear excuses and nerves that they make us alcoholics. Already such behavior should signal to us that something is wrong. If we still do not see the problem, there are other symptoms.

Such as:

Looking for opportunities to drink even at work or in public places. Consuming alcohol on all occasions.

Stating to ourselves that alcohol relaxes you, reduces stress, and makes you more confident.

Become resistant to its effects and the need to take higher doses.

Memory gaps after getting drunk preventing you from remembering what happened the day before.

Drinking alcohol alone, even though we previously only drank in company.

The listed symptoms constitute the diagnosis of the initial stage of alcoholism. If this does not cause us anxiety, the disease continues to develop. It leads to an overwhelming urge to drink, prolonged drinking, and serious health problems when you stop drinking.

Important self-control

We are able to observe ourselves if we have a problem with alcohol. Using the examples above, we can prevent the development of the disease. Even if we do not notice the beginning of the problem, its further course will be noticeable. It is important to be able to admit to yourself that we have become addicted.


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