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With time there is huge awareness among the people regarding gemstones. For ages, gemstones have been worn by people to get their benefits in life. But still, some of the people lack knowledge of why they are worn. So Khanna Gems one of the leading dealers of gemstones has come up with different campaigns in the market that are telling about the benefits of gemstones in human life. It has Gem Selections which is a jewelry brand that has brought a huge revolution in the gemstone industry. The online facility and the best quality gemstones have taken this company to a whole another level of success. 

Mr. Pankaj Khanna owner and CEO of Khanna Gems has launched three unique platforms under Gem Selections i.e. Astro Dose, Gem Selections live, and Gem Selections forums. All of these are focused to provide in-depth knowledge about the gemstones to the customers so that they can make purchases accordingly. All the gemstones and jewellery at Gem Selections are certified under government lab and it stands out because of its quality of products.

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According to the reports at Business Standard, The range of products at Gem Selections is now available through a mobile app as well. People are allowed to make an online purchase of the gemstones that are recommended by the experts. The person can easily buy a gemstone, jewelry studded with precious gemstones, etc. all the customers are provided with a great variety of gemstones and according to the weight and cut of the stones, the prices are bifurcated. Even the use of all will provide the person to create their jewelry just by clicking on the picture of the jewelry design and further can be sent to the team. The further team will provide the price quotation along with some of the similar designs.

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Over time, Gem Selections has become one of the successful retail brands of Khanna Gems Private Limited. This is duly run by Mr. Pankaj Khanna, his wife Mrs. Anu Khanna, and his son Aaradhya Khanna. Many of the investors are ready to invest in the company so that it can expand its scale and help Mr. Khanna to follow their vision.

The best part about purchasing the gemstones from this platform is that they provide the EMI options which makes it very easy for people to even buy expensive gemstones that will bring light to the life. Even people with some doubts can direct get the appointment to interact with Mr. Pankaj Khanna that is having the experience of more than 30 years in this field. All these unique facilities provided by the company helps in standing out differently in the market. Even they educate people to be aware of the illegal and fake gemstone sale in the market.

Though Khanna gems have a huge variety of stones available with them. Some of them are listed below:

  • Diamond: It is one of the most desired stones among people so far and even these are the hardest substance found on the planet Earth. According to astrology, it is also known as the April birthstone. Many people wear these beautiful crystal clear stones just to add more positive vibes. It can be worn in different types like earrings, pendants, rings, etc. to get the best results from it, it is very important to buy the best quality stones. For this you have to access 4 Cs i.e. color, cut, clarity, and carat.
  • Emerald: It is a green-colored beautiful stone that symbolizes love and rebirth. It is known as the gem of Venus. The deeper the color of the stone is the more powerful and valuable it is. It falls in the rarest gemstones which makes it very expensive in the market as well. Not every person should wear this stone. For this, first of all, a person needs to take advice from the expert.visit here to know more information : holidaysnbeyond
  • Pearls: It is one of the most beautiful gemstones that is commonly found in the market. According to Persian mythology, pearls were referred to as the tears of Gods. It is the unique gemstone that is formed within the living creature. Natural pearls are very difficult to find as they are present deep inside the oceans. Nowadays you will find many cultured pearls that come in many beautiful colors. This stone is worn to add more peace and calmness to the life of the person. The size and weight of the pearl to be worn are according to the actual weight of the person.
  • Ruby: It is a July birthstone that is deep red. This stone represents love, passion, emotion, and courage. For centuries, this stone is known as a kind of gemstone just because of its appearance. It has been the priced possession of the kings for ages. This stone is available in different weights in the market according to the recommendation of the experts, the person needs to get the exact weight that will add more value to the life. 
  • Sapphire: This is the stone that is available in two colors i.e. Blue and Yellow. Blue sapphire represents honesty, purity, and trust. This stone is easily available in different parts of the world. But to provide it in the best form takes long procedures. The pure the sapphire is the more it gets on the expensive side. This stone is recommended to the people that are into the work of leadership. It will boost their confidence and improve their influencing here for  more :

All these gemstones are easily available with the Khanna Gems. The person just needs to consult the expert and ask for the recommendation of the gemstone according to the stars in the birth chart. Even you can easily take the advice of the experts’ astrologers at the Khanna Gems official website. It is one of the best dealers that provides the best quality stones. They are recommended by many celebrities for their great products. If the stone is pure and of good quality, it will surely provide great results to the person that is highly sustainable in life.

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