Celebrate Ramadan with Wild Rift – Together Under the Crescent Event!

With the Holy Month of Ramadan 2024 finally started all around the world, League of Legends Wild Rift is bringing the celebration of this sacred time in-game with its latest “Together Under the Crescent” Event starting from March 8th to April 10, with players having a multitude of ways to celebrate this event starting with a special minigame called “Wake Up, Poro!” and a new game mode known as Double Cast!

More Wild Rift news and details on this event will be revealed below, so let’s hop on and explore the details of this auspicious event!

The latest update, new game modes and bonuses

If you have League of Legends: Wild Rift installed on your cellphone, make sure that you have updated it to the most recent version to gain access to the whole event. Once that is done, you will receive log-in bonuses that will be available throughout the whole event, i.e., until April 10th. One of the first minigames that will be available to players all around the world will be “Wake Up, Poro!” as mentioned before, where players will get to play as a poro and wake up their fellow poros with the bangs of the beating drums within the set time limit, mirroring the tradition of waking people up for Suhoor, or the pre-dawn meal!

Players can also try their luck in the new game mode of Wild Rift known as “Double Cast,” in which they can wield their favorite champion’s abilities with a specific cooldown timing window. There are a few champions on the roster who rely on basic attacks more than their abilities, so to provide a level playing field, these champions will have their attacks count as a double hit, applying the effects of their basic attacks twice. If players feel like they are missing a few Champions, then this is the perfect opportunity for them to get Wild Rift top up to stay ahead of the competition.

The Double Cast event of Wild Rift will be available until March 22nd, 2024, and certain aspects of this game mode have been adjusted to provide fair play amongst all players, which includes the durability of minions, neutral objectives, and turrets to maintain and keep the fast-flow of the match. This new game mode is a gloves-off battle mode, which is perfect for seeking an all-new, action-packed way to play on the Rift.


With Patch 5.0 kicking off the new “Double Cast” Game Mode and celebrating the spirit of Ramadan, players can expect more themed in-game rewards alongside their friends, which include a bauble and Recall effect, icons, borders, and emotes that the players can enjoy!

With fresh controls and fast-paced games that resemble the 5v5 MOBA Action that the original League of Legends delivers, LoL Wild Rift aims to offer an exhilarating experience in the comfort of your handheld smartphones or consoles where players can team up with their friends, lock in with their champions, and go for the big leagues!

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