Fashion careers of the future

Unlike the belief of the general populace, modeling and designing are not the only jobs available in fashion. The industry is huge and holds so many career opportunities. 

Although a fashion job is more glamorized in the media than others, many exist behind the scenes.  Thanks to the recent application of technology in the industry, new opportunities are presenting themselves to lovers of fashion.

When choosing a career path in fashion, some factors need to be considered. The most important factor is demand. Evaluating questions relating to the future of that career would help you make better job decisions. Below are some careers that will extend far into the coming future.

3D printing Engineer

The most difficult part of the industry for designers is the process of manufacturing. The time, energy, and resources put into creating new designs have been reduced to the barest minimum using 3D printing. 

The world’s biggest brands are currently utilizing 3D printing. Technology meets fashion here as it explores the creative sphere and prints out designs that were once impossible to manufacture. 

Data analyst

While this might sound like a boring career, it can be quite an exciting job that goes beyond collecting data.

Brands often have large amounts of data, the identification of disposable data from essential ones lies in the expertise of data analysts. An organization can acquire knowledge into how to further develop their activities and upgrade processes by simply estimating data. 

To meet the goals of the brand, advertising choices, sales and promotions are dependable on the information a brand has. Thus, automatically makes a data analyst a fundamental part of the industry. 

Garment technologist

The description involves; selecting fabrics, guaranteeing the estimated budget is sufficient to create the design, and supervising the construction of garments. To avoid using low-quality fabrics for designs, a garment technologist utilizes his expertise in testing out fabrics to detect faults.

A garment technologist is needed in garment manufacturing wholesale and retail businesses in the fashion industry. You could also work for companies that manufacture technical clothes like spacesuits.

Usually, a degree is needed to work in this particular field. But, if a person trains for a certain period under an agency as an apprentice, proof of apprenticeship such as a certificate can land you the job

Fashion writer

Lovers of fashion are in constant need of entertainment and information. The media plays a great role in maintaining the status of a brand. From the latest designs, to live runway shows and celebrity fashion, a fashion writer can never run out of articles.

When considering this career path it is important to note that experience plays a greater role in landing you a job than personal educational qualifications. 

Virtual experience designer

By utilizing new innovations many brands have done an amazing job in creating new store experiences for their clients.

In today’s world where clients purchase everything online, it is essential for brands to move with the tides of technology. By incorporating Augmented and Virtual Realities into online stores, the interaction between customers and brands would increase. Subsequently, sales would improve with increased customer satisfaction.

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