How technology is used in investigations

Technological advancements are changing the way police departments operate. The role of crime scene investigators, analysts, and detectives has evolved. As technology continues to advance, it will continue to change investigative techniques. Let’s see below how technology is used in investigations.

Computer-generated images

Using computer graphics, forensic experts can create a detailed image of an object or area of interest at a crime scene (image 2). These images can be combined with other digital information such as fingerprints or DNA profiles collected during initial examinations. This helps officers determine who touched an item that was left behind by the criminal (forensic scientist).


Fingerprint analysis began as a tool for law enforcement officials to identify criminals based on their prints. However, fingerprinting also became a useful tool in courtrooms and australian casinos when two sets of fingerprints were found at a crime scene. (Source)(source) FINGERPRINT – A set of human fingerprints.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis involves comparing handwriting samples collected from suspects and victims with known writings left by those involved in crimes. Forensic scientists can use graphology, which studies personality traits, to analyze handwriting samples. (Source)(source): Graphology is the study of personality characteristics through handwriting. It was first established and documented by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. His work became popular after he introduced his ideas of extroversion and introversion to psychology classifications, real money casino games, while also introducing concepts about archetypes and collective unconsciousness. 

Laser Scanning Technology

Laser scanning technology uses laser beams to measure distances within a specific environment. Detectives may use this type of equipment to examine evidence at a crime scene.

Mobile Laptop Devices

Law Enforcement agencies are now using mobile laptop devices to access databases containing evidence details. They can then compare the suspect’s information against these records to help solve cases.

In conclusion, technological advancements have changed how we investigate crimes. Investigators now have more tools available to them than ever before.

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