Kratom Strains And What They’re Best For

Kratom has proven to be effective for pain management, mood enhancement, and many more, so there’s no wonder this plant has caught the intrigue of many. You must pick the right product for a plant with such diverse benefits for the right occasion.

However, this is the part many need guidance with, especially those new to Kratom. 

We recognize that this can be tedious, so we gathered the information to create a short guide on which kratom strains are the best for what purpose. If you want to know what your best choice is, read on!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant relative to the coffee tree and native to Southeast Asia. It is commonly found in Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. Kratom is known for its widespread use for medicinal and recreational purposes.

It has unique medicinal characteristics. It is frequently ingested by making tea from the leaves or by drying and powdering the leaves.

However, there is Kratom sold in multiple forms and types. This usually dictates the strength of the Kratom and the dosage because the effects of kratom use vary significantly on how much of it is taken and how potent the Kratom is.

Because Kratom’s effects differ according to dosage, potency, strain, and overall tolerance, it can be challenging to choose the right Kratom.

How To Identify The Different Strains Of Kratom

Kratom strains can be classified into two categories, origin and vein color. The category people pay the most attention to is vein color.

Although the climate of the origin of Kratom affects the plants and thus affects the product, it’s more heavily reliant on the vein color. The vein color of the Kratom depends on when the leaf was picked out during its leaf cycle.

White Vein Kratom

The white vein kratom is the youngest according to the leaf’s maturity but doesn’t underestimate the benefits of this strain. This type of Kratom is picked out early in its leaf cycle and then turned into a product.

Although the white vein kratom is milder than the other strains, it’s usually great to use as a pick-me-up in the morning and afternoon. This is a popular pick for boosting your energy and mood at the start or middle of the day.

Green Vein Kratom

The leaf is picked during the middle of its maturity. This is said to be the most balanced of the three strains and thus is suitable for beginners. The green strains also tend to be very good for mood enhancement. If you’re looking for something more potent, you may want to look at a different strain.

Green vein kratom is generally considered a balanced variety. Still, there are some exceptions to this rule, so it’s always a good idea to research the specific strain you want to purchase before committing.

Red Vein Kratom

This Kratom is the strongest out of the three strains. It’s also the most mature according to the leaf cycle. Red vein kratom is your best choice if you’re searching for something powerful.

There is no need to consume much of this Kratom to feel the benefits. For this reason, red vein kratom is a popular choice.

Which Strain Is Best For What?

To Treat Pain

The red vein kind of kratom is the best kratom for pain relief. Especially red varieties like Red Bali kratom and Red Maeng Da. Although the Red Maeng Da has all the benefits of Kratom, its high potency means it may not be ideal for first-timers.

Red Bali, on the other hand, is an attractive option for those battling chronic pain because, according to some users, its benefits tend to linger longer than different strains of Kratom.

Other suggestions include:

  • Red Borneo
  • Green Borneo

To Enhance Productivity

White Borneo Kratom is fantastic for recreational use and people who wish to relax after a demanding day. Some individuals use it in tiny doses to substitute for coffee. It provides a bit of energy while also lifting your mood so that work can feel more accessible.

Other suggestions include:

  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Sumatra
  • Green Malay

To Boost Energy

White strains, like White Maeng Da, are recognized for generating the most substantial energy increases. Therefore they’re ideal if you’re merely looking for a gain in energy, not a significant euphoric effect.

Other suggestions include:

  • White Indo
  • Super Green Malay
  • White Thai

To Lift Mood and Reduce Anxiety

Most muscular euphoria is known to be produced by Green Maeng Da, which elevates mood and helps people avoid physical and mental tiredness.

Other suggestions include:

  • Green Malay
  • Green Thai
  • Red Bali

To Relax and Treat Insomnia

According to testimonies, Red strains are best for sedation and relaxation. Many of them concurred that, among the others, the Maeng Da Red strain of Kratom was the most calming.

Other suggestions include:

Red Thai

Red Borneo

Red Bali

Quick Guide To Buying Kratom

Many kratom products are easily accessible online. Though you can find vendors selling Kratom, it’s much more convenient to purchase Kratom online.

However, be cautious in buying your Kratom. Some may exaggerate the description of their Kratom and its effects. The Kratom won’t be poisonous, but you won’t get bang for your buck.

The quality of the Kratom lies in the way it is produced. An organization that is trying to regulate the quality and production of Kratom is the American Kratom Association (AKA). For better Kratom, try looking for shops accredited or approved by the AKA.

Where to buy Kratom products that are approved by the AKA? Click here to find out!


Overall, there are multiple strains of Kratom, but a few are better than others at doing specific things.

As a general rule of thumb, white vein kratom is excellent for energy boosts and productivity-related effects. While all kratom strains may improve your mood, green vein kratom is the most well-rounded and effective.

When looking for a kratom that can help you relax and relieve discomfort, go no further than the red vein variety. The red vein has the most alkaloids; thus, it’s sedative and analgesic properties are the strongest out of the rest. 

For Quality Kratom, look for suppliers approved by the American Kratom Association because they have a certain standard for the quality and production of Kratom.

Visit this website to find out more.

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