Just like the mobile casino game industry, the cryptocurrency market is a very exciting and fast-growing industry, with new coins being created every day. The technology behind cryptocurrencies has been around for some time now, but it’s only recently that the concept of digital currency has become mainstream. If you are just getting into this space, there are many things to consider before investing in any crypto coin or token. Below are some of the things every newbie should understand about cryptos.

What Is Crypto?

Crypto is short for “cryptographic”. It refers to all types of digital currencies that use cryptography to secure transactions and verify ownership. There are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies available today, with Bitcoin (BTC) currently being by far the most popular.

How Do I Buy My First Coin/Token?

There are several ways to buy your first coin or token. You can either purchase them directly on an exchange using fiat money, such as USD or EUR, or you can find one of the many exchanges where you can trade other people’s coins or tokens for yours just like at casinos en ligne. Once you have purchased your first coin or token, you will need to store it securely offline so that no one else can access it.

Why Are People Buying These Coins?

When you look at the price movement over the past few years, you’ll notice that many of these coins saw massive growth during 2017. This was due to the fact that they were traded on unregulated markets and thus had little to no regulation surrounding them. As soon as those markets started to close down, however, their value dropped significantly.

Can I Earn Money By Investing In Cryptos?

Yes! Many of the top coins offer you the chance to earn passive income through mining. Mining involves solving complex math problems which requires powerful computers and tons of electricity. If you want to get involved in mining, check out our guide on how to start mining.

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