We are not going to lie. We are thrilled every time we have the opportunity to onboard a new retailer here at Olympic Eyewear. Every new retailer purchasing our bulk buy sunglasses represents a new member of the Olympic family. We want our family to be as big as it can be. So if you’re not already a customer, consider this a warm invitation for you to join us.

Growing to become one of the leading suppliers of wholesale designer sunglasses in the U.S. has not been easy. It has taken a lot of hard work. Likewise, continuing our growth requires that we continue doing what we have done all along, and perhaps do it even a little better. That has led us to step back and reassess why retailers choose designer velvet pouches sunglasses from Olympic. We can think of several reasons.


We never forget that retailers do not have to buy all their zonnebril dames from one supplier. Still, we want to be the number one choice for as many of our retailers as possible. In order to accomplish that, we have made a concerted effort to always offer an extensive selection of sunglasses for men, women, and children. Choice is power in retail, and we want to give our customers as many choices as possible.

We manufacture and distribute over two dozen brands of sunglasses. Within each of those brands are plenty of selections in terms of style, lens type, frame materials, and even colors. We are also constantly looking to upgrade our inventory. Our design and research teams stay ahead of the game to ensure that what we offer is always cutting edge.


Many of our customers go out of their way to thank us for keeping all our style selections up to date. We appreciate that. We strive to offer the styles that you want because those are the same styles your customers want. We know that our brands are only going to compete with their higher-priced counterparts if the hottest styles people want are readily available.

Whether your customers are looking for that hot new pair of wayfarers or aviators that look like the sunglasses their favorite celebrities are wearing, we have them all. With literally hundreds of models to choose from, you will find all the latest styles at Olympic.


At the end of the day, selling sunglasses is a business. It is a business at both the wholesale and retail levels. Therefore, the small business owner wants to pay as little as possible to procure inventory. We understand that. That is why we sell wholesale sunglasses at prices we know will make you happy. You can truly love our prices without any guilt.

By keeping our prices reasonable, we give our retailers plenty of opportunity to achieve their own margins. They can apply a healthy markup to the products they buy from us and still charge less than the most expensive brands on the market. We make a good profit, they make a good profit, and their customers walk away with quality sunglasses that didn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Who loses in that deal?

We have spent years building Olympic Eyewear into a business we can be proud of. Over the years, we have helped countless retailers achieve their own dreams of business success. Are you new to the sunglasses game? If so, we hope you’ll consider using Olympic as your primary wholesaler. You will find we have an extensive selection of all the best styles at very reasonable prices.

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