13 Food Items to Avoid Before Going Out With an Escort

Food, and sex—two things that no one can live without. Right? When we combine these two, the result is incredible. Before you let your wild imaginations run, we are talking about having food before you indulge into your fun-night routine.

But imagine you hire an escort to fulfill a beautiful fantasy of yours. And before that, you enjoyed a ton of your favorite food. What happens next? Well, that depends on what you eat. If you ate something that lowers your sex drive, the escort will not be able to help you have an exciting night. Or what you eat makes you bloated. If you have a sensitive digestive system, any wrong food can cause issues. Problems, like lower sex drive, bloat, or other issues or aggravate your stress.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy food before sex! You have to be careful what you eat when you are on a date or enjoying the night with an escort. Want to go for the latter? Click here then!

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1. Say no to cheese
Cheese is high in lactose & fat. If you are lactose intolerant. Or cannot digest heavy cheese food items, it is best to avoid them before your night plans. It can lead to digestive distress and hinder your plans of getting any action.

2. Bye-bye oatmeal
Oatmeal is never a good option to have before indulging in sex. It is high in fiber leading to gas & bloating. Oatmeal is a fulfilling food item, but how will you enjoy your sexual fantasy if you feel bloated?

Another thing about this is that it can lower sex drive in some people. So, no matter how much the male escort tries, you will not feel great, and your exciting plans will not yield any results.

3. Don’t go beyond one mint or peppermint
Peppermint or mint is usually the go-to thing that everyone pops in their mouth for better breath. Did you know that mint can lead to a lower sex drive? Yes, it is true!

So, if you are taking it for a fresh breath, do not take more than one or two. Otherwise, you will not feel like indulging even into foreplay.

4. No beans in any form
Beans are full of nutrients. They are rich in protein & fiber. A meal that has beans will give you energy and make you full. However, the after-effects are not so great for a few people. Almost everyone experiences bloating and feels sluggish after eating beans. For some people, it can also cause gas and flatulence problems. And no one wants to feel this on the night that they plan to get laid.

5. Limit your energy drinks
Energy drinks can make you feel good and alert. They do so because of the unnatural amount of sugar in it. It will make you feel good in the beginning, but after a while, you will feel low. Also, we know that no energy drink is good for your health.

Lastly, who wants to feel dull or lazy when someone is trying to woo them? But too many energy drinks can do that for you. So, limit their intake or cut them out.

6. No coffee before getting into the sack
Coffee is love! We get you! However, when you are nervous—which you can be when meeting with an escort. Caffeine in coffee can lead to more anxiety. That leads to diarrhea, or other digestive issues, as caffeine plus anxiety can do that. Now, how will it look when you keep running to the washroom during the whole night?

If you want something soothing to drink, get tea. Less caffeine and more calming.

7. No French fries
French fries are oily and full of fat. It can lead to digestive discomfort and lowers sexual drive in a few people. Instead, go for something baked like baked potatoes or even mashed are great for energy.

8. No garlic bread, yes bread!
Ordering some Italian before your exciting night? Then order something light & fresh. Garlic bread is a bad option. Instead, go for plain whole or multigrain toast. Also, order some pasta with less or no cheese.

9. No Spicy food
If you love eating spicy food, sorry, but you will have to give up on this when on a date. Spicy food will spoil all your plans for a great night. Instead of adding spiciness to your night activities, it will give you indigestion or acid reflux. Sure, not everyone gets it, but why take the risk? Reduce the heat in food to enjoy more at night.

10. Say no to tofu
Tofu is high in protein and certainly delicious. However, when you have planned a sexual session, it is best to avoid eating tofu in any quantity. Why? It’s because it increases estrogen levels in both women & men. This increase in estrogen will steal your sex drive, which no one wants. Right?

11. Canned foods can be mood killers
Canned food is the best way to whip up some quick food. If you are trying to woo your escort with homemade food, don’t use canned food in any variety. They are high in sodium, which will make you gassy, and it is a downright mood-killer.

12. Say no too too much wine
This one is a bummer, because who thought that a glass of wine can lower your sex drive? It is true, though, as booze (any kind) weakens orgasm. Also, it doesn’t make you feel tingly when sensual touch happens. It just kills the buzz, so do limit your wine to one or maximum two glasses.

13. All soy products
Soy products are the healthiest option for vegan lovers. But they do cause low sex drive, so either cut them on date night or take in limited quantity.

No one wants to embarrass themselves in front of a person who they are going to be intimate with. Thus, keeping an eye on what you eat before can help you with that. Eat foods that can make you feel full and increase your libido.

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