3 Signs That Scream That It’s Time to Get Rid of the Car

According to the car repair services in Bangalore, it is recommended to change a car every 3-4 years. However, in India, the average ownership period before resale is closer to five years. In addition, some car owners get so attached to their cars that they drive for ten years or more, not noticing how much they spend on maintenance and repairs.

1. Rust on the body.

The formation of rust starts from the hidden body cavities:

Bottom (cavities inside the side members);
Channels intended for draining condensate in the spare wheel, drainage holes in the doors. If they get clogged, dirt and moisture starts accumulating inside the gates, causing the formation of corrosion;
On the lining of the tank – there is also often a drainage hole. If it gets clogged, then rust will not have to wait long.
Engine compartment.

Outside, often rust adheres to these areas:

  • wheel arches;
    the front edge of the trunk;
    the leading edge of the roof;
    the lower edge of the trunk.

However, all these are the most vulnerable areas of the body. Therefore, rust here is a completely natural phenomenon for cars over seven years old. But if foci of corrosion appear where there is no visible damage, then we are talking about the general “fatigue” of the body.

Body repair costs massive money, and much depends on the complexity of the preparatory work, the chosen colour and the mechanic’s qualifications. In the real world, it is better not to engage in an endless struggle with the manifestation of corrosion here and there but to try to sell the car.

2. Permanent minor breakdowns

Common technical issues, even “on trifles”, such as malfunction with the electrical system, are a wake-up call. As a responsible car owner, you need to decide immediately whether you are ready to spend a huge lump of money and time on a regular visit to car repair services in Bangalore or whether it is easier and cheaper to change the car.

According to expert estimates (if we are not considering premium brands), repair costs from 15,000 rupees, and more for every 10000 km of run, clearly indicates the need to replace the car. In addition, it is unnecessary to buy a new one; sometimes even a low run used car will be a good choice.

3. Oil and fuel consumption

Do you constantly add engine oil, and after parking, do you notice oil stains under the car’s bottom? Such a thing clearly indicates you need major engine repair. The best solution will be to visit the diagnostics – so you can easily estimate the upcoming investments. If you are not ready to invest such an amount in repairs, it is better to put the car up for sale.

In regards to fuel consumption, more and more economical models appear on the market every year. The best car service center in Bangalore suggests that It will not be superfluous to determine the possible savings at the petrol pump. and get rid of the dusty old car to avoid wasting money on an overly voracious engine.

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