4 Benefits of Going on a Cottage Holiday in the Summer

Deciding that it is time to book a holiday is both exciting and overwhelming and most people know it full well. Apart from actually thinking where you want to go, you also have to consider the exact dates and times of your stay as well as how to get there. Will it be within the borders of your home country or abroad? How long will you stay and in what type of accommodation? Who will you go with?

Things become a little bit easier when you consider the season, like now when we will of course be talking about summer holidays. The great majority of people opt to go to the seaside and relax on the beach. This is the go-to summer vacation and something we consider normal. Swimming and sunbathing at a tropical destination surrounded with palm trees and holding a cold drink with colorful umbrellas is a picture-perfect holiday nobody will say no to.

However, even this is exactly what you want and actually manage to determine the destination and the time frame, it will be the accommodation that dictates most other factors. Is it going to be a resort, or perhaps a regular hotel? If so, how big of a room do you need and what amenities and supplies will it have? Should you maybe just rent a room or pick a smaller motel? Would a bungalow work? A lot of questions to be asked, that much is certain.

In order to help you, we will try another approach and suggest that you think about cottage accommodation. Cottages are on the rise in terms of popularity so make sure to give them a shot the next time you go on summer holiday. To learn more about them, keep on reading and be sure to book here once you make up your mind!

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What is a Cottage?
In the traditional sense of the word, a cottage is a house that is not in a big city but somewhere out in the countryside. It can be a part of a small village community or completely on its own out in nature. They are also known as holiday homes or vacation properties, both of which clearly state their preferred use. They have everything you need to feel at home no matter where you happen to be taking your holiday. There are cottages by the sea as well, albeit made from different materials than those in the countryside and hills. All in all, it is a small home with enough accommodation for a family or a group of friends which can cost much less than hotel or resort rooms.

One thing worth mentioning and paying attention to is the fact that you are usually left to your own devices when it comes to meals, cleaning, and everything else. Cottages are there to provide you with the spoils of modern life and quality accommodation and nothing else. You will have to buy groceries and use the kitchen in the cottage to make meals as well as make your own bed in the morning and wash the dishes. There are certain charms to this if you do not mind these usual chores but many people do not want to be bothered with them on vacation. Let us not see what the benefits of going on a cottage holiday during summer are.

1. Nature and Surroundings
There is no point in renting a cottage if it is not a picturesque little place in an idyllic nature surrounding. That is what cottages are about, they give you a chance connect with nature and explore the untouched beauty it has to show you. If you rent a small holiday home next to a lake or in the hills, you will never forget the peaceful and quiet mornings and evenings in the great outdoors. Preparing the food, taking hikes, swimming in cold lakes and streams, there is an abundance of things you will be able to do that will feel completely new and fresh. And best of all, you will be sharing with your loved ones. And speaking of the loved ones.

2. You Can Bring Whomever
A good thing about renting a whole place is that you can bring a bigger group along with you. Groups of friends or entire extended families are known to rent cottages because more of them can comfortably fit inside and share all the fun times. There is enough to do in and around the cottage for any type of person, for those who are more active and sporty to those who are looking to maximize the holiday and relax. You can either make group activities or let everyone do what they like most. The important thing is to talk about it and set boundaries, after which nothing but good vibes are guaranteed.

3. Homey Atmosphere
Not every tourist wants nothing to do with the homey feeling on their holiday. Usually, it is not the home itself that is the problem but the things you have to do each day that stress you out and make you miserable. Therefore, why not make it as homey as possible and try to replicate all that you would do anyway without the work and other responsibilities hanging over your head? Besides, hotels usually have too many rules, from set meal times and walking restrictions to curfews and check times. Feeling like you are right at home while next to the beach or right by a river is what it is all about.

4. Privacy
Last but not least, let us mention the all-important privacy. In regular accommodation like beach resorts and hotels, your own room will be surrounded with hundreds of other rooms and thousands of people. If you like traveling at the peak of the season, the masses and ques for every little thing on hotel grounds will make you feel miserable and it will be hard to relax. For ultimate privacy, there is nothing better than a small cottage just for you and your party of loved ones. Whatever you do and no matter where you go, you will know that nobody else can come by, nobody else is there for you to wait on or bump into. It is the ultimate feeling of a private getaway!

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