7 Benefits for Instagram Brands That You’re Probably Not Using

Instagram is not simply a platform to be jealous of your friends’ holiday pictures. While it isn’t pleasant to look at these photos when you’re at work, the value of Instagram is vast.

Consider the vast quantities of brand-new services and products that you’ve probably discovered on Instagram through paid ads on social media or even friends tagging brands that you’ve not heard of in their posts. Social media is undoubtedly a way to connect us, but what’s more difficult is connecting those connections to your business’s most important assets, your customers.

However, we understand that managing and maintaining the management and operation of an Instagram account can be a challenge. It takes a lot of effort to achieve success and boost sales.

If you think we lack the resources, look at the data from a coming PowerReviews report on beauty and health. We found that 35 percent of U.S. shoppers between 18-and 29 utilize Instagram to look up or purchase cosmetics and health products.

In specific industries, leaving Instagram off of the buyer’s journey can severely limit your chances of attracting new customers. To get you on the right path, we’ve got some tips. Here are seven benefits to Instagram that you may not have realized:

1. More Consumers and Businesses Are joining every day

With over 25 million companies currently using Instagram to reach out to their intended customers, it’s easy to understand why people use the app for shopping. In the age of instant access to retail, customers require images and content to assist them in making purchases.

Not just do they need visuals, but also consumers need this content from those who are like them. You can also get free Instagram likes with Mr. Insta.

Research from the PowerReviewsE-commerce Snapshot report showed that 72 percent of U.S. shoppers search for content images for an item before purchasing. On the other hand, only a third of consumers stated that they do not check for photos before purchasing.

The expanding reach of Instagram assists retailers and brands leverage images to describe and explain their offerings. As the number of users increases, consumers realize that Instagram is an excellent source of information about products and pictures.

Your target users are already conditioned to be able to see your content appear in their feeds. Not only do they want it, however, but Instagram has also made its app more user-friendly over the past few years by introducing various linking, landing page designs, and tags for products.

Simply put, Instagram offers fewer reasons for your company to choose not to be a member. The user experience is vital to many retailers and brands. This is the reason Instagram continues to promote these features. The value of Instagram increases with the number of users it has, so it might be time to join the platform or substantially improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

2. It is easy to target (and easily retarget) Your Audience

We are aware that targeting the right people is essential to the effectiveness of your ads. But how can Instagram assist you in reaching your target market?

If you’re comfortable using Facebook advertising, you’re aware of the capabilities and options to reach out to your target audience. The targeting options include:

  • Location: It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at a whole nation or only one city, then it doesn’t matter where you are.
  • Demographics: Are you looking to make your advertisements only for 37-year-old women who are fluent in Catalan? Instagram can identify gender and language demographics.
  • Interests: Your ads should be based on what your followers follow on Instagram and other businesses that could be directly competing with you. You can also establish your interest in the ads they click and their apps. Gramhir is one of the best Instagram analyzer and viewer. Gramhir’s algorithm makes it conceivable for you to examine your own or another person’s Instagram account stats.
  • Behaviors: Determine an advertisement’s audience based on their actions on (and off of) Instagram and Facebook. For instance, it is easy to target potential customers who visited your site in the past but never bought anything.
  • People who look like you. Your followers make up a particular group of people who would like to read your content (and perhaps purchase the products you sell). This means that you can target ads to those who have a similar profile to those who follow you already or have bought from your site.

Instagram also provides automated targeting, which allows you to create an audience interested in your business. For more details, please look at our sizes on Instagram and dimensions for the advertising guide!

Understanding Your Demographics

One of the most critical concerns businesses face is their primary demographics and where they buy their products. For Instagram, numerous retailers and brands claim it is a game for young people.

However, Pew Research recently discovered that 40 percent of U.S. adults between 30-and 49 use Instagram and that 35% of people utilize the app.

It is essential to identify your primary demographics and provide them with the appropriate ways to purchase your items. We know the younger generation like Instagram; however, focusing on older generations that are most relevant to your brand’s image.

3. Make the Most of all the visual marketing features on Instagram

As we said, visual content helps shoppers make purchases using more precise information and pictures of what they are looking to purchase. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t just upload photos or videos of your merchandise each day and make it a daily thing.

Retailers are becoming more aware of how they promote their products to customers on Instagram. In addition, retailers and brands are producing better content on Instagram because they’re focusing on the correct sizes for Instagram and the features people enjoy.

In changing their branding, Overstock created these video advertisements and experienced an increase of 18% in return on investment and a 20percent decrease in the cost per click. Engaging content is all about grabbing shoppers’ attention before scrolling or tapping away at your advertisement.

To get the most value out of the Instagram content, Try these suggestions:

  • Utilize large text. Do not create a barrier for users to comprehend the message on their mobile devices. But, too much text could result in having your advertisement rejected.
  • Be concise: No reason to make your best Faulkner impression. The most important thing to not do is make your pitch more than 2 or 3 seconds into the advertisement. It is imperative to present the value proposition immediately.
  • Be careful not to over-design: The point of your advertisement is to blend into user content. It is sometimes beneficial to avoid using overly-designed content.
  • Make a clear pathway: With Instagram, shopping customers can look over the products before purchasing on your website. Make sure your paths are seamless and easy to avoid any second-guessing.

4. Connect with Customers Wherever They Are

More than 800 million users use Instagram each month, and nearly 500 million users log in every day. The amount of time spent on Instagram is quite impressive, and for retailers and brands, it is a great platform to connect and engage with your customers.

This is evident since around 80percent of Instagram accounts are linked to the same business at least once. This visual platform is ideal for companies who don’t wish to be bombarded with advertisements, sales material, or other forms of communication. In contrast, Instagram works like it is when you follow your friends. If you come across visual content that you like, you’re engaged.

5. Create User-Generated Content

Content created by users is a crucial component of establishing trust for your company and its products. Why? Because people trust one another more than companies.

A similar eCommerce Snapshot report found that 54 percent of U.S. consumers between 18-and 29 thought that user-generated images or videos were more helpful than retail or brand content. In addition, younger shoppers aren’t the only group seeking content created by users. Content. About 50% of people between 30 and 44 years old felt the exact feeling.

On Instagram, it’s not just a mine of user-generated content; It’s also easy to produce it from your users. Brands like Southwest often endorse the user-generated content that they receive from those loyal to them.

6. Reveals In-Depth Insights About Your Audience

We’ve learned how important it is to know and know your viewers. To understand who they are as well as where they’re from as well as what are their likes as well as dislikes. Instagram will help you discover the details.

Being involved in the online community can help you understand what people are really about. When you follow the most popular hashtags within your industry, you’ll discover the topics people are talking about, the issues and worries they face, and their joyous moments and everyday successes.

In addition, Instagram gives you vital native information about your network and followers.

7. Always updated Marketing Features in Stories and ads

Instagram understands that you’re looking to make more sales and boost brand recognition. They know what you want to achieve to help you improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing plan and give you the tools you need to meet these goals.

In addition, Instagram also knows its users. They are aware of how people make purchases on the internet. In reality, most users who use Instagram in the U.S. stated that they like to shop and view it as an enjoyable pastime.

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