Attractions at Changi Airport That You Simply Must Visit When Transiting

Most travel enthusiasts touring Europe and Australia prefer taking flights through Singapore Airport – not just because they love the airlines but because they love experiencing some fantastic moments at Changi Airport.

Changi Airport in Singapore is said to be the best airport in the world and this is justifiable because it has won 500 + industry awards.

As you can expect from such an airport, there are plenty of activities and attractions to explore. But assuming you are a newbie, it’s not easy to decide where to start or end when you finally land at Changi Airport.

To offer you convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most fantastic Singapore attractions and activities you should embark on at Changi airport.

1. Go Shopping at Changi Airport Shops
There are more than 350 shops at Changi airport from where you can purchase almost anything you wish. The shops here sell a variety of products ranging from daily necessities to luxurious goods.

You will like it that most of them operate 24/7 and thus offer you the convenience of shopping whenever you want.

Some of the most classic shops you will want to buy from include Adidas Originals, (Transit T1), APM Monaco (Jewell L1), Aerotel (Transit T1), Apple (Jewel L2), etc.

Unlike shops in other airports, Changi airport shops are lenient in the sense that they offer discounted products especially if you come here amid holiday seasons.

2. Try Some Delicacies at the Airport
If you love tasting various delicacies, you will enjoy dining at Changi airport restaurants and hotels. There are plenty of them so finding the most appealing joint won’t be a big deal.

You can check Changi Airport dining points such as AC KAFE (jewel 14)s, Aloha Poke (jewel l5) Anjappar (Public T1) A&W (Jewel B2), etc.

You can try several meals e.g. satay, laksa, char kuay teow, Chilli crab, fish, etc.

3. Butterfly Garden
If you are a nature lover, Changi airport will truly wow you. You will appreciate watching 1000+ butterflies in a unique environment that creates a jungle feeling. Besides the butterflies, there are other attractions such as a six-meter grotto waterfall and tropical plants.

4. Watch Free Cinema
If you have some time to spend at Changi Airport, you can go to a free cinema hall to relax your mind and entertain yourself. Unlike some other places where you find hundreds of people watching shows or movies on a tiny screen, here at Changi Airport you will find a full-blown cinema replete with ergonomic seats.

5. Go to Swimming
Something else you will probably not want to miss while your stay at Changi Airport is sunbathing and/or swimming.

There is a swimming pool located at Terminal 1 where you can go when it’s a hot sunny day.

The swimming pool is open to any mature person however be ready to pay the excess cost of around $10.

The Bottom Line
As you can tell from this post, there are very many things to do at Changi Airport. When you come to the airport, you will most likely want to extend your stay if you must fully explore all it has to offer. Consequently, make sure you have enough time to explore the airport plus other amazing Singapore attractions

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