Best Online Roulette Strategies

Most people love playing roulette because they don’t have to spend too much time or energy to win big. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of losers out there who play and lose without even realizing it. Are you one of them? If so, then read our article to learn some useful strategies that can help you become a winner at online roulette.

People from around the world enjoy playing online casino real money games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, slots, scratch cards, and video poker. The popularity of these games has grown over the years due to their convenience and ease of access. Many casinos offer free trials where players can practice before placing real bets.

The best way to beat the odds at online roulette is to pick a strategy that suits your style of gameplay. For example, if you prefer playing slower games, then consider using the Martingale system. On the other hand, if you prefer quick games, try betting maximum numbers (1 through 18).

Best Online Roulette Strategies

1. Martingale Strategy

This system was invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1662. It’s simple yet effective. With this method, you bet more than the minimum amount allowed to make up for past losses. When you win, you reduce the amount you wager until you finally stop betting altogether.

In its simplest form, you can apply the Martingale System to any game of chance. However, you must start with small amounts of money and gradually increase your bet size. As soon as you hit a losing streak, you simply double the size of your next bet. This continues until either your bankroll runs dry or you begin winning again.

2. Maximum Betting Method

You can apply this technique to any game of chance, but it’s most commonly used with roulette. Many European countries use this approach to regulate gambling operations visit for financial tips. You’ll only need one number on each spin of the wheel. Pick 1-18 and place the maximum bet possible. Then repeat the process until you win.

3. Money Line System

Online casinos typically assign odd and even numbers to each team they represent. So, for instance, the New England Patriots would be assigned odd numbers (1-17) and the Seattle Seahawks would be assigned even ones (18-34).

With this system, you only need to choose the team with the highest point total. But remember, you can’t go against the house. That means you should always bet on the favorite and not on the underdog.

4. Odds & Evens Method

With this approach, you follow the same general rules of the Money Line system. However, instead of choosing your favorite team, you opt for the team with the higher point total combined with an extra zero or two. To illustrate, let’s take a closer look at the 2016 Super Bowl matchup between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. According to Sportsline, the Panthers had a 54 percent chance of beating the Broncos while the bookmakers had an average spread of 4 points.

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