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How to Become a Tableau Developer?

Tableau is a data visualization tool used for data analysis and business intelligence. Do you find Tableau interesting and want to work as a Tableau developer? Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you take that first step toward your professional journey. But first, let us understand the role of the Tableau developer and why you should consider becoming one. 

Table of Contents

  • Who Is a Tableau Developer?
  • Why Become a Tableau Developer?
  • How to Become a Tableau Developer?
  • Job Opportunities of Tableau Developer
  • Conclusion

Who is a Tableau Developer?

Tableau developer is a professional responsible for designing and maintaining Tableau dashboards and reports to provide business insights. It is their responsibility to understand the business requirements and provide solutions to address the data needs. They use the Tableau software to perform data visualization, business intelligence processes, and data analysis for organizations. To perform these tasks, they first collect, refine, and prepare data from various sources and then use algorithms and statistical methods to extract meaningful insights. 

To learn more about the role and responsibilities of a Tableau developer, you can refer to a Tableau developer course

How to Become a Tableau Developer?

You can follow the steps given here to become a Tableau developer. 

Step 1: Gain Basic Tableau Knowledge 

Begin by learning Tableau fundamentals, such as how to start with the software and create dashboards, reports, charts, etc. It will help you build a strong base for your career. You can use online resources to learn about these fundamentals. 

Step 2: Get Certified 

Gaining knowledge of Tableau is important, and so is to tell your potential employer that you have that knowledge. A certification in Tableau can make a drastic difference in your resume. The top certifications that you can acquire are:

  • Tableau Certified Associate
  • Tableau Certified Professional
  • Tableau Desktop Specialist

Step 3: Build In Tableau Desktop

Now that you have your basic and advanced knowledge with a certification, start building personal or volunteer projects in Tableau Desktop. It will help you enhance your skills while giving you real-life working experience. You can start with smaller projects and then move on to more complex ones. Remember, the aim is to refine your knowledge and skills. 

Step 4: Create a Public Profile

Sign up on Tableau Public to showcase your work through a portfolio. Tableau Public is a free version of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop for you to share dashboards. What will make your public profile more interesting for future employers is your participation in community activities such as Makeover Monday, Iron Viz, Workout Wednesday, etc.

Step 5: Networking

When you network with the people in the field, you connect with your peers and potential employers. So, building your network and participating in a community for the people interested in Tableau is essential. You also get to improve your skill set. Some of the opportunities in the Tableau community are:

  • Tableau Webinars
  • Tableau Conference 
  • Tableau User Groups
  • Tableau Developer Competitions

Step 6: Work on Your Soft Skills

Employers often look for candidates who not only possess academic qualifications but also the necessary soft skills to work in harmony with the team. Here are some essential soft skills that you can work on to become a Tableau Developer:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking

Step 7: Internship

You can apply for an internship before a job to become more confident in your Tableau skills. It will provide you with experience and also allow you to get mentored in a professional space. 

Why Become a Tableau Developer?

Some of the benefits of becoming a Tableau developer are as follows:

  • Lucrative Salary: The job of a Tableau developer comes with the perk of a lucrative salary, with the average salary in India around ₹6.64 Lakhs per year. 
  • Global Opportunities: Several global companies offer job opportunities for Tableau developers. Therefore, it is a career that allows you to work almost anywhere.
  • In-depth Data Analysis: Tableau has a remarkable storytelling feature. As a Tableau developer, you can understand the data in-depth and gain better insights than other developers.
  • High Demand: The projected Tableau developer job growth rate is 21%. Several top companies, such as Dell, General Motors, KPMG, Bank of America, etc., offer Tableau developer jobs.
  • Scope of Tableau: The data modeling features of Tableau are based on machine learning and natural language processing. It enhances the scope of Tableau when new technologies based on future approaches to data visualization are used. 

Job Opportunities for a Tableau Developer

Here are the different job opportunities available for tableau developers:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Specialist
  • Tableau Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Visualization Expert


The scope of Tableau broadens with every update and new feature introduced. It makes the tool more promising, improving the career prospects of professionals working with it. Over the years, Tableau developer has become a lucrative career option with many opportunities both in India and abroad and a high salary.

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