How to Clean Your Car at Home: Inside and Out

Who doesn’t want to always keep the car as clean as possible? We give you some tips to achieve it, both outside and inside. Many people think that car cleaning, like other types of objects or materials, is limited to using soap and water and drying with a cloth. We can achieve great results with these elements, but in reality, the correct cleaning of a vehicle is done differently.

In this article, we give the best tips on car cleaning with the most recommended cleaning tools.

Tips for cleaning the car from the outside

Before taking the water to clean your car, remove the remains of dirt. In the event that the car is full of sand, for example from having gone to the beach, pressurized air is recommended. You will find this solution in any car wash. You can use the water afterward. A hose will offer you the right pressure for it, without damaging the vehicle.

When the car is soaked, it’s time for “hard work.” Take a soft sponge; moisten it with water and car wash soap. Clean the entire car body, glass, and tires. Do it with semicircular movements from the top down.

If you choose a car wash, choose a program with specific products for your car.  Choose the one that offers the best results in terms of the soap used.

Before we move on to the last step, let’s focus on important parts of the vehicle, such as the tires.

Here we must use a neutral pH soap and a microfiber cloth is more effective. If you add a tire cleaner, you will get a striking appearance.

If the rims have holes that are difficult to access but full of dirt, take advantage of a silicone bristle brush for an effective cleaning and clean everything with water. In the drying phase, do not let it dry in the open air. Take a microfiber cloth and dry the entire surface. For an even more resulting finish, use glass cleaners on headlights and windows, as well as choosing polishes.

Tips for cleaning the car inside

A clean car on the outside can be spectacular, but it should also have cleanliness inside. To begin car cleaning from the inside, we recommend taking advantage of a small vacuum cleaner. The mats and pedals should be cleaned with a damp brush and, in the case of mats, dry them if necessary. For very small gaps like vents, use a fine bristle brush and leave all of these areas spotless.

The upholstery is one of the most delicate elements. Take advantage of a microfiber towel with mild soap to remove all traces of dirt and clean it completely. You may find tough stains. Use specific products to remove them effectively.

Regarding the dashboard or doors, the ideal is a microfiber towel and, a product that repels dust. For glass, any cleaner may be appropriate. A microfiber towel will help you make them look perfect. Finally, take advantage of an air freshener to eliminate bad odors.

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