Kevo Kodesh Interview

1. Tell us about your background getting to where you are today?
Entrepreneurship is a route I began when I was young with a newspaper route. Walking from door to door- trying to sell Chicago Tribune subscriptions taught me numerous principles I would later use in life pertaining to entrepreneurship. Knowing how to communicate with a wide range of nationalities, being an advent listener, and maintaining the self-belief that I could accomplish anything I desired in life was when I realized I was an authentic entrepreneur. So the day I realized I could create my own reality was the day I started on the path of entrepreneurship. Having the notion of self-determination and maintaining that mental frame of reference helped me to sustain the focus needed to manifest my own destiny. Presently, I own an exotic rental car company, a movie production company and a mental health facility operating in two regions of the U.S.

2. Where are you from?
Born and raised from Chicago Il. 57th & Wabash to be exact.

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3. When did you start your entrepreneurship?
If I could recall, somewhere between graduate school and working for a few years in the mental health sector, my mind changed from contentment with my pay earnings and having the desire to want more out of life. I felt life had more to offer myself than a simple paycheck. As a therapist, professionals can experience burnout. I didn’t experience burn-out but I wanted to examine my own potential. Luckily, the universe listened.

4. What made you choose your entrepreneurship?
I chose the path of entrepreneurship because I was able to recognize my strengths and talents at a young age. Because I was aware of my gifts and believed in my skill repertoire, I knew whatever I career I delved into would be successful. In my mind, I have never failed. Failure is not an option. I have always had the belief that everyone has their own level of potential. I always wanted to show myself the capabilities that I possess as it relates to my personal potential. Because I knew that potential is unlimited and infinite, whatever I wanted to achieve, I always knew it would be possible and within my reach of obtainment. I never doubted myself, who I am and what I ever could become. Of course, we all have doubts, but the innermost part of me always knew I would be successful in any arena I entered.

5. What is the most challenging thing you have overcome while getting to where you are today?
The most challenging thing that I overcame was realizing “It’s all on me”. Recognizing that no-one goes harder for your vision than you do was a lesson learned at an early age in my life. An entrepreneur has to contribute 100% of their energy into whatever vision they are emotionally and mentally invested into for the vision to manifest. I think intrinsic motivation is vital towards success. I once heard that leaders have an obligation of taking impossibilities and turning them into motivating aspects for others. Another important principle that I learned was leaders have to show themselves their capabilities prior to attempting to awaken the strengths in others. A person has to show themselves that anything is possible! Another challenging obstacle I overcame was being comfortable with the consequences and repercussions that come with self-expression. I feel a majority of people don’t engage in enough self-exploration and they oftentimes punish themselves for situations or circumstances that come with the territory of self-learning. Consequently, individuals who often engage in introspection and self-examination tend to overcome those challenges associated with the freedom of self-expression. I’ve learned that everyday circumstances create specific types of thinking that crystallizes our thoughts, and identity. If one is striving to become an entrepreneur and are able to become conscientious of their own self-knowledge, then he or she should be able to galvanize the information to help discover personal concepts about themselves on their path of self-discovery.

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6. Were you inspired by another entrepreneur? If so, who?
My grandfather was an auto mechanic who was self-employed his entire life while living in Chicago. I believe his role within my family and his role as a financial provider inspired me to tread the path of entrepreneurship. I always understood the importance of liabilities and material assets and he was a man that was able to ‘show and prove’ what it meant to leave a legacy behind for others. He was able to turn action into profit and capitalize on his strengths and talents which created a financial opportunity for success. Inspiration can come from many forms, but I believe my grandfather lead the way for me to discover my path towards entrepreneurship.

7. What is your greatest achievement as an entrepreneur?
I believe the greatest achievement was the day I decided to start my own movie production company. There was something fulfilling about engaging in a philanthropy project that could help bring other artists and creators, such as myself, dreams alive. Engaging in the entire process from engaging in casting calls to pre-production phases is a feeling that is surreal. I enjoy it daily and have some exciting people around and we keep each other motivated. Daily we inspire each other to do better and to perfect each other’s craft. So, I continue to strive to become a better entrepreneur and I continuously promote the notion that everyone can become an entrepreneur when they are ready.

8. What does a day inside your shoes look like?
I wake up at 6am daily and start my day off with a quick meditation and afterwards spend a few hours responding to emails, and various correspondence. Daytime usually consists of attempting to contact various digital distribution companies for marketing and promoting of cinematic deals for the present theatrical project. I’m a workaholic so I start early and end late. It’s always been “business first and pleasure second” and I take business extremely seriously. I rarely eat so dinner comes late at night. The difficult parts of the day are when I’m spending time with my boys. I have 4 boys who direct my life when I’m not in production or directing mode.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the audience about yourself?
Regardless of economic dispositions, anyone can become an entrepreneur and they deserve the opportunity to show themselves the capabilities they possess. “Growth requires change. It’s not about changing who you are; Its about changing what you can become”.

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