Laser rust removal, a sort of optical maser cleanup, is an efficient method for cleanup up metal elements. Employing a fiber optical maser cleanup system, rust and different contaminants will be quickly and fully removed while not damaging the metal beneath. Laser rust removal price could be a nice various to manual and chemical cleanup ways since rust is removed with larger exactness and lower revenant prices. It’s additionally excellent thanks to scale back your environmental impact.

Laser cleanup could be a new variety of industrial surface treatment technology. The cleanup principle refers to the employment of high – energy optical maser beams to irradiate the surface of the work piece, in order that the dirt, rust, paint or coating on the surface of the piece of work absorbs the optical maser energy to provide instant evaporation, cracking or sublimation, thereby realizing the work piece surface clean.

What’s the advantage of optical maser rust removal?

Environmental protection and pollution-free. Change to the idea of property development. The process doesn’t use merchandise and chemicals that square measure risky to the surroundings, like solvents, acids, or unhealthful chemicals. Eliminate the chance of workers being contaminated or exposed to risky materials.

Non-contact process, less harm. A thousand watt optical maser rust removal machine will take away impurities from the surface of the item while not touching the underlying material, and doesn’t impose mechanical action or thermal strain on the fabric.

Strong spatial ability: Equipped with 10m-15m fiber optic cable, it will be applied to a spread of environments and venues. The easy console and operation interface will operate quickly and accurately, and have glorious power output, pulse parameters and wavelength adjustment functions. Compared with different cleanup systems, this may scale back prices.

Cost saving : though the worth of shopping for the full machine for the primary time could be a right smart investment, considering the semi permanent use and maintenance prices, optical maser cleanup is that the most suitable option at the moment. The price is low, that is useful to the corporate or the individual.


All materials have characteristics that outline however they react below specific conditions. For rust removal on metals, you wish to concentrate to the ablation threshold.

Laser parameters will be set in order that the optical maser beam’s intensity is simply higher than the ablation threshold of rust however below that of the metal being cleansed. If the ray is shone on the metal surface at associate intensity below its ablation threshold, the energy of the ray is spread as heat once rust is removed. The result’s a clean surface with rust and dirt layers volatilized while not for good touching the bottom material.

The speed at that rust is removed depends on rust thickness and optical maser power. Our high-octane systems take away typical lightweight rust at or so fifty cm2 sec. The thickest varieties of rust will be removed at five cm2/sec. the most effective thanks to verify the small print for your application is to own U.S.A. run tests on your elements.

Rust removal fiber optical maser cleanup machine work

The principle of fiber optical maser cleanup machine: exploitation high-frequency and high-energy optical maser pulse to irradiate the surface of the piece of work, the coating layer will instantly absorb the centered optical maser energy, in order that the oil, laser cleaning machine or coating on the surface will instantly evaporate or peel off, and effectively take away the surface attachments at a high speed Or the cleanup methodology of the surface coating, and therefore the optical maser pulse with a brief action time won’t harm the metal substrate below the acceptable parameters.

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