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Must-have Korean facial serums for your skincare routine

Korean skincare is quite the rage and is sworn by people across the globe. If you’re wondering why, you’re at the right place. Korean beauty, or K-beauty as it is also called, has excelled in terms of formulation and at the same time, keeping their products economical. Due to this, a large number of people can afford to have flawless skin and feel beautiful. Cos De BAHA is a particular Korean skincare brand appreciated by customers all over the world for its effective formulation with no unnecessary ingredients. It is free of parabens, sulfates, colourants, and fragrances that can cause more harm than good if present in a product.

It can be daunting to figure out what to buy from the many different skincare products out there. That is why we will be talking about only the essential Korean serums that can be used on all skin types. Using these two serums, in particular, regularly can help you get rid of the most common skin problems.

Cos De BAHA hyaluronic acid serum

Hyaluronic acid is an incredible ingredient for everyone to add to their routine if you want glowing and hydrated glass skin specialized by Korean beauty. Upon application as a serum, it quickly seeps into the skin and shows its benefits. Hyaluronic acid works by helping transport water molecules into deep layers of the skin making it hydrated from within. The skin softens and becomes smoother as a result. Majorly, it helps in healing scars while reducing lines and wrinkles to a great extent on regular usage. Cos De BAHA hyaluronic acid serum has an effective formulation at an extremely low price. It contains a 1 percent concentration of high-quality hyaluronic acid to make your skin plump, avoiding all unnecessary and harmful ingredients. Adored by all, it will be a missed opportunity if you don’t grab it sooner.

Cos De BAHA niacinamide serum

The other most loved and essential serum according to K-beauty is a niacinamide serum. It is mainly because of its multifunctionality when it comes to dealing with a number of skin concerns. Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3. This single ingredient is powerful enough to deal with skin aging by reducing visible lines and wrinkles to fading acne scars, blemishes and hyperpigmentation, giving a more even skin tone as a result. Not only that, but while it hydrates the skin, it also controls sebum production significantly. The Cos De BAHA niacinamide 10 serum has a concentration of 10 percent making it highly effective. Along with this, it also contains 1 percent hyaluronic acid, making this serum an elixir for treating almost all common skin concerns. This Korean serum is unparalleled for its results as it has been evidenced by a huge number of positive customer reviews. A must-have for everyone.

If you want rejuvenated skin without burning a hole in your pocket, these serums by Cos De BAHA are go-to products since their formulation understands the skin needs better than many other brands!

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