Online Gambling 101: Being a Responsible Gambler

Online gambling can be both recreational and addictive. It is one way to escape reality while winning real money. However, without moderation, this can be addicting, which could lead to personality disorders, depression, or even anxiety.

But at, we do not want you to become a compulsive gambler. Thus, we provide these four tips to help you become a responsible bettor.

1. Schedule ‘Game Night’

Scheduling and sticking to the schedule promotes responsible gambling. Casinos should not be your only source of funds. Players like yourself need to make a living, and gambling should only be a form of relaxation.

A schedule lets you focus on your work instead of thinking about where to bet next. For instance, allotting one hour of game time on a weeknight should be enough to recharge you for the next day. It will also give you time to do chores, exercise, etc. During the weekends, you may reward yourself by increasing your playing time.

2. Become Game-Wise

When we say “game-wise,” it does not mean you should only choose which games you should play. It means you keep track of the money you spend, knowing when to stop and take a break.

For example, you lost P500 on a single bet. Rather than taking a step back, you doubled your wager, and without even knowing it, you lost P2000 already. It is a bad habit of gamblers wherein they think that they will eventually win by continuing to play despite the constant losses. Though this is somewhat true, players experience losses four, five, or six times in a row.

If it is not your lucky day, avoid forcing your way to recover the money you lost by continuing to play. You should stop, take a breather, and analyze where to place your next bet.

3. Play Games that You Know

Gamblers tend to gamble on everything, even if they have zero knowledge of the games where they place their bets. And it usually happens in sports betting, where a bettor thinks it is only a “coin flip.”

Most, if not all, watch NBA. However, if the sport that you want to bet on is international football and you don’t know the teams that are playing, it is best not to wage at all. This way, you will avoid making decisions you will regret.

4. Put a Tab on Your Results

In gambling, taking risks and relying on analysis and sheer luck are some of the basis for whether a gambler will become successful or not.

It is easier for them to forget the losses just by winning some. However, by not keeping track of the wins and losses, its consequences are “non-existent.” A gambler will continue to take risks and not care how much money he has lost if he gets some Ws.

Thus, by keeping score of the gambling results, you will become aware of the losses and the money you spent. It will also serve as a “wake-up call” for a risk-taker in online casinos—that nothing comes good in risking it all in a casino.


Whether you like it or not, gambling is a vice, a leisure activity. If not limited, it may affect you financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically—turning it into one of your stressors.

Suppose it is difficult for you to leave the life of an excessive gambler. In that case, there are gambling addiction treatment centers in the Philippines. They will help you regain self-control and become a responsible online casino player.

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