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The purity of children

Children are said to be the gift of god because they are pure by heart. There is one famous story that proves the innocence of a child. Once two young children entered a shop. They saw that the shop was empty. They wanted to buy a packet of biscuits. They saw the packet of biscuits was placed behind the counter. They picked up the packet of biscuits. It appeared that they would walk out of the shop without paying but that was not the case. What they did was they instead showed the money to the camera and kept the money on the counter. They made sure that the camera in the shop was working. If not they would have not bought the biscuit at all, said one of the kids later. The shop owner was proud of the children. He affirmed that children are the best things that can happen to the world. They are full of purity. 

There are many ways a child is different from an adult. They are different in the way they look. Firstly it is seen that there is a major difference between physical growth. Kids are very less developed when they are compared to adults. There is a tremendous age difference as well. Some other obvious differences are the physical size and structure. They are seen to be different in the way they approach a product, service, and life. This means that young children have very little experience and that makes them trust the people easily. One reason they can trust other people is that they have immense trust and faith in themselves. Because they don’t doubt themselves and because they don’t cheat themselves, they know that others won’t do that to them as well.

Children have therefore shown immense faith in the online system of education that uses the Learning management system. It can help them understand the concepts better because they have immense faith in the teacher. Teachers also find it easy as they just have to make a google search of How to teach online. This has helped the students have immense faith in the system and learn from there. 

It is said that children learn from their surroundings. The behavior that they showcase is a reflection of what they see around themselves. They must be taken good care of, by their parents. Here are some of the steps that parents can follow, so that their children turn out well.

Emotional empathy and care for others 

Emotional empathy can be defined as a person’s ability to feel others’ feelings, pain, and sufferings. It is said to be one of the most basic qualities in a good child. It is said that people who have good emotional empathy for a person and can understand other person’s feelings can make a very good grown-up.

It should therefore be the duty of a parent to encourage empathy in their child. They must encourage their child to talk about their feelings. They can also make sure that the other person knows that they care about them. Whenever a fight occurs with a friend, the child may be asked to think about how that child’s friend must be feeling. It must show the child ways in which they can manage their emotions. This way they can work toward a particular goal. 

Never Give Up

Life is hard even for children. One must learn this basic truth. Everyone must have some sort of resilience and willpower to easily be over the tough times. When children are taught to be resilient it is said to be a good thing. They can deal with the hard times and difficulties no matter what they’ll surely face. Many parents try to protect their kids from painful conditions. If they are taught about resilience it will help them better in the long run. If the child is having a problem in school, they can easily solve it through self-determination. The child can learn to manage the problem as well. Running away from the problem is not a good thing. This is one important lesson that a parent can teach their child so that they are mature when they grow up.

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