Top 8 Ways to Celebrate Someone’s Birthday – 2021 Guide

If you ask kids about their most special day of the year, their birthday will definitely pop up as the most common answer. Indeed, what’s not to like about birthdays for children? They get to be right at the center of the happenings and they get presents. And the best part is that they can’t wait for another year to pass intending to grow older as soon as possible.

Things are somewhat different for adults, though. Most adults hate the fact they are one year older. We all want to be young and handsome forever. While that is not possible, it does not mean we should be sad on our birthdays. Birthday parties and celebrations help a lot in these circumstances.

Regardless of the occasion, your circle of friends, family members, the presence of your significant others, etc., we can all get the most from our special days. You can get much more from your birthday than having coffee and cake with your best friend at your standard place.

This article will help you properly celebrate your milestone every single year and it has been done on the back of a survey made by bettingtips4you.com on the preference of adults when it comes to celebrating their birthday. We will throw away some pretty cool ideas. You should just stay tuned and apply them as soon as you have the chance to.

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1. Host a Movie Screening
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Nowadays, you can rent out a whole cinema room for you at a nearby cineplex. You can gather your friends, hand them out popcorns, snacks, slushies, candies, juices, sodas, etc., and enjoy your favorite movie in fabulous surroundings.

To make the whole experience better, you can select a theme and pick only films that go along (i.e. the 90’s). The best thing is that renting the whole place for you costs nowhere near as much as you’d originally think.

2. Host a Disco Party
If you are into more action, you can rent out your favorite disco and throw away a legendary party that will be remembered until your very next birthday. Although this variant is much closer to younger generations, why wouldn’t you do it at the age of 40? You have 1 out of 365 days to do something different.

Find a babysitter for your kids, ask your friends to do the same, forget about your everyday routine, and let the loud music rhythm take you through the night.

3. Plan an Action-Packed Day
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If you are more of a day person and if you like adventure, you can stay active throughout your whole birthday (not just the evening). You can plan a very active day. It all depends on your preferences. You can do start the day with a visit to your closest mountain and hike a bit, or ride a bike.

You can then return home, change, and go straight to the swimming pool or to the beach if you have one in your city. You can complete the day with a visit to a nearby bowling alley and have some fun there. The choice is all yours. Of course, the more people you bring along, the better your day will be.

4. Rent an Apartment on the Beach
We mentioned the beach above and figured it needs to have a paragraph of its own. To be fair, beach parties, especially private ones, can hardly be beaten by anything else. If you have the chance to, you should definitely rent an apartment on the beach.

It does not have to be at the seaside, you can rent one near a lake or a river, as long as you have somewhere to swim. When you have a house reserved for you and your friends only, the range of playing & entertainment options is unlimited. To add flavor to the whole experience, make it at least a two-night stay. We promise you won’t regret it.

5. Organize a Barbecue
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What kind of party would it be without a barbecue? Excluding vegans and vegetarians, what kind of people do not like barbecue food? Honestly, it is very hard to beat grill and refreshing beverages with your pals in the backyard.

For a better experience, throw away some outdoor pillows and blankets to secure a setup everyone will feel even more comfortable with.

6. Have a Day for Yourself
If you are among people who prefer spending time alone, have no worries. You should not let anybody judge you because of that because every single human being has the right to have their own preferences. We got you covered as you can enjoy your milestone by treating yourself to a full day of wellness.

This includes a visit to a nearby spa center where you can enjoy special massages, spend some time in a sauna, try crystal healing or sugar scrubs, etc. Of course, you can do this all with your significant one, or with friends, it is all up to you. We just wanted to underline the importance of doing something following your personal preferences.

7. Throw a Karaoke Party
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Whether it is at home or a local bar, belting your favorite tunes in front of your friends always brings an unprecedented experience. Fun has to be guaranteed either way, and you can only raise the stakes by adding a prize for the winner.

It will open up a competitive side and a room for hilarious comments by the carefully selected jury. Release your voice without shame because it is your day.

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8. Organize a Game Night
Last but not least, it is game night. If you hate dressing up for big events and want to spend your day in the most comfortable way but still have fun, hosting a game night is the best possible idea. You can invite your friends to come in their pajamas and get ready for the special evening of games.

You can play all kinds of games (again, depending on your preferences), from the popular card and board titles to “Guess Who” variants. Add some drinks and snacks and you’ll have everything ready for your special occasion.

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