What Is a Business Line of Credit and How Does It Work?

Is your business strapped for cash? Are you looking to raise so money quickly so that you can fund an important order?

There are a couple of options you could explore, including taking out a business loan, a working capital loan, or a business line of credit. Did you just ask what a business line of credit is?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

A business line of credit is an ideal way to get the financing you need for various business operations. In this article, we’re telling you how this line of credit works and what you can do to get one.

Read on!

What Is a Business Line of Credit?
If you have access to a personal line of credit, then you already have an idea of what a business line of credit is. It’s a fixed amount of money that a lender extends your business after evaluating its creditworthiness.

Unlike a term loan where you get the money in a lump sum, a small business line of credit only entitles you to a certain amount of money. You can access it whenever you need it, in bits or in whole. However, once your max out your line’s limit, you have to pay back the money so that the credit line becomes active again.

There are two types of business lines of credit: secured business line of credit and unsecured line of credit. A secured facility requires you to provide collateral, like real property or manufacturing equipment. An unsecured line doesn’t have collateral requirements.

Like any other loan, your lender will charge you interest and likely other service charges when you use your line of credit. If you don’t spend the line of credit in any given month, you likely won’t pay any interest; only the service charges.

How to Qualify for a Business Line of Credit
You don’t just walk into a bank, credit union, or other land and qualify for a business line of credit. It’s the same way you can’t approach any formal lender for a personal loan and get approved the same day.

There are requirements your business will need to meet.

First, your business needs a good credit score. This is what every lender will use to assess the creditworthiness of your firm. If this is the first time your business is looking to get some credit, it probably has no credit score, which means your application could be rejected.

Lenders also use your business’s creditworthiness to determine the amount of money you will be able to access through the line of credit, as well as the interest to charge on the facility.

In addition to credit history, your business needs to have a positive cash flow. This means the lender will want to see your financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, and revenue forecasts.

Lenders have different requirements for lines of credit, so be sure to do your research and find a lender that best suits the needs of your business.

A Business Line of Credit Is a Handy Financial Tool
A business line of credit is a useful financial tool for small businesses. It can enable you to access funds when you’re in an emergency and it’s also a source of working capital. Now that you know what it is and how it can help, start making your application!

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