Artificial Rain in Dubai, country get rid of heat and dry

Artificial Rain in Dubai: According to a report in ‘Daily Mail‘, the United Arab Emirates Meteorological Department has released video footage of rain in many areas including Dubai on Sunday. This heavy rain had caused a waterfall-like condition.

According to the Meteorological Department, this rain was artificial in Dubai. The UAE electrically charged the clouds using a drone. It rained clouds. It was artificial rain in Dubai. In this technique, an electric shock is given to the clouds. Due to this, there is friction in the clouds and it starts raining. Experts from the University of Reading in the UAE are working on the technique of Artificial rain.

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A drone is used to release an electric charge into clouds, which helps water droplets stick together and cause rain. The country has spent $15 million on this technique, as the UAE ranks among the top 10 driest countries in the world. Where the average rainfall is just 3 inches (78 mm). Drone technology helps in getting such rain and also gets rid of the heat.


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