The valuation of commercial or industrial property is often more difficult to implement than that of premises for residential use. It requires expertise and specialization in these specific sectors. It is not uncommon to entrust this type of assignment to a real estate agent, but his estimate may prove to be inaccurate or not very relevant in the case of a commercial and industrial valuation, the market value of this type of property not being reduced always to buildings only.

How to value commercial real estate?

The estimate of the price of a commercial property takes into account the square footage, as with any real property. However, this is a specific type of property, and the estimate of the price of commercial m² cannot be aligned with the price of residential m² in the same sector. Other important factors must be taken into account and that is why it is essential to entrust the estimation of the price of commercial space to an expert in this real estate sector. Among the essential criteria are the location of the asset and the existence of an active catchment area. In other words, location is essential for a business and the quality of that location depends on the type of business. Likewise, the configuration of the premises, which is more or less suitable for commercial activities, will be taken into account. We will also take into account the accessibility criteria of the property for people with reduced mobility, as well as the possibilities of parking nearby. The possible equipment of the premises or the existence of a business also plays a determining role. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY VALUATION is necessary to know. You can take benefits from our service by giving this highlighted link.

How to value industrial property?

 The valuation of the industrial property also requires specific expertise. The market value of an industrial property includes in particular the price per m², which is obviously different from that of a property for residential use and which can be determined by comparison with another industrial land nearby. But the market value of this type of good also depends on buildings, industrial halls, production or storage areas, car parks, and delivery docks, on the premises’ compliance with safety standards, etc. Industrial goods are generally sold with their production equipment, which implies that the estimate takes into account the market value of these machines, determined according to their state of obsolescence. New or well-maintained equipment, How can you know about best website and more website visit here

In some situations, you need an expert to establish different values. For example, if you are an administrator of a co-ownership and you need to obtain an expert’s report concerning the new regulations on this subject, or if you have to validate the value of the role of your building or if you are involved in litigation, we have experts who are recognized to inform you and help you if necessary. Take benefits from our recommended site for property evaluation plans. Indeed you will satisfy after visiting on our official site just clicking on the highlighted link.

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