Five amazing locations for a motorcycle road trip

There are few better feelings than heading out on the open road, with nothing but endless miles of tarmac between you and your next adventure. If you own one of the 1.27 million motorcycles in the UK, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

You just can’t beat the thrill of opening the throttle and feeling the rush of air as you cruise along. But even the most scenic local routes can lose their edge once you’ve ridden them multiple times.

Every now and then you want to experience something different – and that’s where one of these road trips comes in. You might want to go solo on your trusty bike, you might want to take a friend and swap occasionally, or maybe you want to show off your stunning collection of machines, in which case you’ll need multibike insurance that covers you overseas.

Whatever your situation and whoever you’re travelling with, these road trips are sure to create memories that last a lifetime.

The Trans European Trail

If dirt roads are your thing, the Trans European Trail is the one for you. At 31,000 miles it’s certainly an ambitious trip, but if you’ve got the time and the inclination then why not? The full route encompasses some of the continent’s most scenic countries including the likes of Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, France and Finland.

The Wild Atlantic Way

Rather stick a bit closer to home? Then the Wild Atlantic Way offers an abundance of stunning views without the saddle soreness. At 1,600 miles it’s still long enough, but the fantastic winding roads covering the entire west coast of Ireland make it more than worthwhile.

The Three Passes of Switzerland

For a route you can start and finish in a day, Switzerland’s three classic passes is a circular 80 miles of truly jaw-dropping mountain vistas and dramatic valleys. Taking in the Grimsel, Furka and Susten passes, this is a trip not to be missed, although make sure to check the weather conditions before setting off.

The Stelvio Pass

Bordering Switzerland and Italy is the Stelvio Pass, which features a number of iconic switchbacks and climbs to an altitude of more than 9,000 feet. The journey from Bormio and back again is easily achievable in well under a day, so be sure to take your time, stop off, soak it all in and take some photographs.

The Great Ocean RoadShould you wish to expand your horizons and head to the other side of the world, the Great Ocean Road is ready and waiting to be explored. Stretching 150 miles along the south-eastern coast of Australia, you’ll be able to take in the 12 Apostles – spectacular limestone pillars that soar out of the sea – not to mention hot springs, beautiful beaches and a never-ending array of natural wildlife.

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