How to Prepare Yourself for A Desert Safari?

Desert safari is one of the incredible experiences that tourists get while visiting the gulf region. When you plan to visit Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Bahrain, you should not forget to visit the desert. It is because the deserts of the Middle East are must-visit places.

Particularly focusing on the Abu Dhabi desert safari, it offers the most exhilarating experience. However, it’s important that you are well prepared for this safari so that you can have a memorable time. Here are some effective tips that will help you prepare for it:

You Should Be Physically Fit
A tourist says if you want to go on a desert safari then you should be physically active. This is because it is a somewhat hectic activity. You should be at the right physical fitness level. If anyone in the group is pregnant or heart patient then they should not be a part of the safari. Because the dune bashing tour is not favorable for them instead you should prepare a desert camp for them. Even small babies should not be taken in four-wheel drive. You should know safety standards and follow safety protocol to have a safe ride.

Plan The Right Tour
Before you start your journey do some homework about the desert safari. Collect information through online portals. You should find a hotel that offers a tour guide option. This will make your trip easy and the tour operator will book a desert safari for you as well as guide you properly about the desert activities.

Arrangements for Tour
Once you are ready for your desert safari you have to do further preparation. For this, you have to take a light meal before embarking on your tour. This is because the desert ride is a rough ride having high caloric or fatty meal may create nausea. So, you should take a light meal. Moreover, try to wear a comfortable dress, shoes and keep your hat with you. Men can wear comfortable shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers. Plus, keep a sunblock with you to prevent yourself from harsh sun rays.

Know About Desert Camp Activities
One more thing before moving to desert safari is to search for activities you can do there, make your trip exciting by doing homework about your tour. In this way, you will have a thrilling experience. During your stay in the desert, you can enjoy a camel ride, smoked shisha, nighttime BBQ, and getting a henna tattoo. Moreover, get entertained by beautiful belly dancers during diner time.

Things to Carry with You During Desert Safari
To spend a comfortable and relaxing time in the desert you should take a proper backpack having all the essential things. The first thing you should keep is the cash to spend at the desert camp. Plus, keep anti-vomiting and pain killer because harsh sun rays and bumping 4WD can cause some unusual situations. Finally, you should have a water bottle, a fully charged camera to capture exciting moments, and some snacks to do munching during your stay at camp or while having a camel ride.

Final Thoughts
These are few things that you should know before starting your journey. To stay organized and avoid inconvenience, prepare a checklist of things. Plus, study about desert activities online and prepare a proper tour that will be within your budget. Do homework about the rates of each activity so you have a comfortable desert safari trip. Also, follow SOPs and COVID-19 guidelines. Keep your hand sanitized, wear a mask at all times and maintain social distance.

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