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It seems that “every man and his dog” is now using vpn right now, while playing call of duty in the hopes of catching a break and getting into some easy lobbies..

What is skill based match making?

Skill based match making is a system of matching players together in an online lobby such as in the call of duty games.

The main part of such systems look at your statistics in game including your KD (kill death ratio) in order to put you into lobbies with players of an equal skill level.

This kind of match making system can be both good and bad, it really depends on your actual skill level as to how you end up viewing this kind of system and its pro’s and cons.

  • If you have a high KD (kill death ratio) you will probably not like this kind of match making system as it could lead to you playing in lobbies which make a player “sweat” when gaming.
  • If you have a low KD (kill death ratio) you will probably like this kind of system as it keeps players of a higher skill level out of your lobbies making the game more enjoyable for you.

How does a vpn effect skill based match making?

There are two types of vpn:

  • One is a traditional vpn which changes your IP address and your location such as express vpn. A traitional vpn will make you lag in game and can cause packetloss and is generally not good for gaming.
  • The other is a specialized call of duty vpnĀ such as sbmmoff vpn, which doesnt change your ip address, causes no additional lag or packetloss and can lead to you getting into some really easy lobbies.

Find the best call of duty VPN for you:

If you are looking for a VPN that will allow you to play with a low ping and enjoy easier lobbies then my personal favorite is sbmmoff vpn.

You can also check out someĀ vpn comparisons here.


Skill based match making can be tiresome and using a vpn isn’t against the terms of service for call of duty titles.

A huge amount of streamers, content creators and every day players use a vpn.

Get yourself a vpn today and start fragging with fun!

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