Is Live Casino The Future of Online Casino?

Online casino games have changed the way of the gambling industry, bringing all the fun and excitement at the player’s convenience. And with the addition of live casino games, the gambling experience is made even better and possible via desktop or smart devices. But the question will live casino games take over online casinos? Is live casino the future of online casinos? Well, to find out the answer, keep on reading as we’ve broken down everything into details.

  • Live Game Selections

Like most online casino games, the live casino offers varying game selections. The more choices you’re offered, the more you are enticed to play longer in a live casino. Thus, having loads of game selections is vital in taking over the internet gaming industry. Also, with the increasing numbers of live casino gamers, software developers are creating the newest versions of the classic games, and some offer live side bets making gambling more exciting.

  • Chances of winning

One of the reasons avid gamblers choose to play live casino games is that they see higher chances of winning. If you get into gaming to win money, playing live casino games with a live dealer makes you feel like you’re in a land-based casino. In addition, live casino games seem more legit as players can see that their stakes are being handled fairly by real people and not by an AI. Thus, gamblers perceive a higher possibility of winning in live casino games.

  • Stake Limitations

The good thing about an online casino is that they offer lower stakes than brick-and-mortar casinos, covering both small to big-time bettors. However, avid gamblers like playing live casino games, which require real money to play them. Moreover, some live casino games have higher minimum stakes, so new players will hesitate to play. Nonetheless, live casino games offer bigger and better prizes, requiring higher stakes than online casinos.

  • Real-Time Gambling Experience

Whether you like playing with crowds or you want to play in private, live casino games offer a real-time gambling experience. Unlike in online casinos, you can only play by yourself, and there is no live dealer or other players to have an interaction. Moreover, a live casino can help you with your boredom, anxiety, and stress, allowing you to meet other people and an authentic casino atmosphere. So whatever floats your boat, live casino games are far better than online casino games in terms of gambling experience.

  • Gaming Advancement

Since we’re talking about the future of online gambling, gaming advancement in online casinos and live casino games should both tell who will take over the other. At present, there are already online casino games utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Thus, we can only wait if live casino games will push through using advanced technology as things are still underway. However, live casino games require an actual game setup and a live dealer. So we don’t know how software developers plan to incorporate reality into technology.


In summary, live casino games need more time for development since they still have fewer game selections, unlike online casino games. On the other hand, live casino games have more edge in the online gambling industry as they provide a better casino experience that makes players more active and thrilled.

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