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Books every forex trader should read

Learning from your mistakes and taking lessons from people’s experiences is the best way to sharpen your forex trading skills. The world of forex trading can be a daunting task, even for those who have got experience up their sleeves. If you are new or advanced in this field, reading books to increase your knowledge is always a good choice for you. These books can keep you updated with the new rules and help minimize the profit loss.

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Here we are going to list the books every forex trader should read:

These books are designed to tell you about the fundamentals of trading, how the stock market experiences its ups and downs, and how you can be the best player in forex trading.

Currency Trading for Dummies by Brian Dolan and Kathleen Brooks:

This book grabs the top spot for beginners. If you have just stepped into the world of forex trading, starting with this book is the best option. It presents the ideas in a clear, sharp, and easy-to-read way. This simple book provides you with everything you need to know about currency pairs, management tools, and the successful habits of the best traders. You can never go wrong with this guidebook.

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 The Black Book of Forex Trading by Paul Langer:

This book is the jackpot of forex trading aiming at beginners and intermediate traders. You will find valuable advice on how to succeed in the trading world. This book focuses on making a winning strategy to succeed in forex trading and managing your risks. The book focuses on tactics for becoming a successful trader in 4 months. If you are new and want to learn more about risk management, this book is surely the one you need.

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The Little Book of Currency Trading by Kathy Lien:

Beginners in forex trading should give this book a chance. It focuses on the tactics of successful traders and discusses the fundamental factors that determine the value of the forex currency. You will come across ways to avoid scams and grab real-time opportunities that can generate profit in the long term. It prepares you to come up with a solid plan and make it work.

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Millionaire Traders by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg:

This is not an ordinary book. It contains interviews with famous and successful traders. The questions and answers focus on starting small and eventually growing it into a multi-million-dollar business. It is an encouraging and motivating book to read when starting forex trading as it can set strong foundations for your business.

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All of these books provide various nuggets of Forex trading information. It’s a good idea to take notes from them. Keep in mind that learning is an ongoing process. The currency market is extremely volatile and sensitive to many economic disasters. These publications will give you an idea of what successful FX industry leaders prepare for and think about. If you are looking for trading platform sign in to Exness to avail the Exness bonus and start trading.

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