How Much Does a Website Cost in India?

So you need a website for your business in 2023? That’s great news! The benefits of having a website are truly manifold, and a well designed website can bring massive benefits to your business. But the next thing to consider is the price.

There are plenty of web development companies to choose from, and all of them have their unique pricing models. When choosing developers, you must look for expertise first and foremost. Choose a company that has a history of supporting global businesses, and has the requisite experience building a wide variety of websites (especially for your industry). Make sure you look out for an impressive portfolio, as well as good customer reviews. The benefits of hiring a good website development company truly outweigh the costs, and leave you free to focus on sales and business development.

What Determines the Cost of Web Development?

The prices that a website development company will charge you will essentially depend on the kind of expertise required and the number of hours they have to put into your website. Here are the factors that will primarily determine what your final expenses are going to be.

  • Number of pages

One of the primary things that will determine the cost of your website is the number of pages. That will depend on your business requirements, and the amount of information you want to provide your visitors.

In the case of custom web applications such as an eCommerce portal, business directory, product catalog, and so on, the number of pages isn’t fixed. New pages need to be generated dynamically with every addition of a new product, new business listing, etc. Such websites are called dynamic web applications and will cost you differently as compared to static sites.

It is also important to note that multiple languages will also impact the final cost of your website. If you want your website in multiple languages, not only will each page have to be in your selected languages, but your website must also be able to understand the viewer’s location and accordingly select a language for them. Such functionalities will certainly drive up the cost of website development.

  • Features and functionalities

The next things that will determine the costs for your website are the features and functionalities you wish to include in it. They may range from ones easy to implement to those that require adequate coding knowledge and expertise. Image galleries & sliders,  booking options, online payment, report generation – there’s no dearth of features that can be included in your website, and your business requirements will determine the ones appropriate for you.

  • CMS Platform

Modern day website development is almost always done on CMS platforms. Content Management Systems make it very simple to manage your website, upgrade it, edit it, add and remove content, and so on. And not all CMS platforms are free. Of course, there are great open-source options like WordPress, Drupal, and OpenCart. However, there are some equally good paid options as well that also sometimes come packed with self-hosting solutions, such as Shopify and Wix. At the end of the day, your chosen web developers can guide you on the best CMS platform for your specific business requirements.

  • Themes and Plugins

After selecting a good CMS, you will have to choose the themes and plugins for it that will determine how the website looks, how well it fits into mobile devices, and what functionalities it offers. Many of these aren’t free, and the premium ones usually make your website richer, more interactive, and much easier to customize. The sheer number of available themes and plugins for any and all purposes is what makes WordPress the most popular CMS choice among developers. Most CMS platforms have their own theme and plugin stores. However, third-party stores such as Themeforest and Paystudio are also very popular.

  • Hosting

In order to publish your website on the internet, you’ll need an appropriate hosting solution. The choice you will make here will depend heavily on the size of your website, the amount of traffic you expect, and the kind of information it stores. While choosing, you will have to look for hosting providers that have a good reputation, low downtime, and a history of providing great service across sites.

There are several popular hosting agencies such as Hostinger and HostGator that offer hosting services at affordable rates, allowing you both monthly as well as annual plans. The plans they offer usually differ in terms of security, speed, number of tenants, etc. Your website development company should have ample experience in choosing the right hosting plans for the right businesses.

Cloud hosting is also currently in vogue, and very useful for dynamic web applications. These allow you to dynamically scale your hosting servers up or down depending on your site’s requirements at the moment. This ensures you pay for exactly what you need.

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Website Maintenance

Creating and hosting a site is not the end. Your business website is only going to reap rewards in the long run if it is maintained properly and optimized regularly. Your website must be up to date at all times since it should ideally expect visitors 24/7.

Web design companies usually also offer website maintenance packages covering everything from creating backups to architecture reconfiguring and keeping your themes, plugins, and databases updated. Here, the prices will vary depending on the size of your website.

Competitive Pricing at Webguru Infosystems

Webguru Infosystems is a website development agency based in Kolkata, India with over 17 years of experience in empowering global businesses to reach their full potential. We have expertise in creating websites and custom web applications for a wide variety of industries, and our numerous customer reviews speak for themselves. At WebGuru infosystems, we highly offer competitive website development rates and very high quality of work.

For static websites, we offer several packages that involve CMS choices, social media integrations, image galleries & sliders, and several other kinds of functionalities. The cost of static websites of this kind usually ranges from $300 to $700 USD.

For dynamic websites and custom web applications, prices can differ based upon varying degrees of functionality. The cost of a product catalog website starts around $500-$600 USD, while that for a fully-fledged eCommerce website begins at around $1,000 USD, going up based on additional specialized functionalities. We also create fully custom web applications such as solutions for banking, car rentals, e-learning, and so on. Prices for these vary according to requirements.

Have a look at our Website Design Price List.


As you may have realized, it is very difficult to conclude the exact cost of developing your website before you actually sit with a website development agency and talk about your requirements. At WebGuru Infosystems, we offer competitive and transparent pricing models that are suitable for a wide range of industry verticals. Feel free to contact us today, so we can have a chat and provide you with a quote.

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